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Your experience begins once you book an appointment and fill out the proper forms. You will receive an automated confirmation text from our online booking which means you're set! I will check those color forms to ensure you booked the correct service for your desired look and one of our receptionists will contact you if any changes need to be made. 

Once you arrive at Abstrakt Studio, one of our receptionists will greet you and take your temperature as per covid regulations. There is a seated waiting area up front where there is complimentary drinks (wine available upon request) and snacks! 

Before beginning our service, we will have a thorough 10 minute consultation in which we discuss what our first service will involve as well as what maintenance it entails to keep it in line with your hair goals year round.

While your color is processing, there is Wi-Fi and a phone charger at my station that you may use! 

Our service will be finished with styling and a photoshoot! During which I will teach you how to recreate the salon look at home as well as product recommendations to maintain your color. See you soon! 

Hair Dying
New Guest Services

As a new client, I highly recommend booking a color consultation first as we will require extra time for a thorough consultation on achieving your desired look. We will discuss what you are liking or disliking about your current hair and the challenges you are having. Then I will create a customized plan for your hair based on your daily routine. 

Listed below are recommended service packages for new guests that include the blonding process, toning, Olaplex, and haircuts. If it has been over 5 months since your last service, it is recommended that you book one of these service packages to ensure we have enough time and product to achieve your new look.

Pricing is based off of either hourly or amount of product used. The more time we have booked, the more we can achieve in one session! All pricing listed is the base price including a certain amount of product. We will discuss about what to expect in pricing during our in person consultation once I am able to assess your hair.

Once you review the services below, click the "Book Now" button to book your appointment. If you are still unsure of what service to book then book a Color Consultation so that we can figure out what service would best achieve your desired look.

Abstrakt Balayage $275+

This service is best if you are looking for a dimensional blonding that is low maintenance. There will be more of your natural color and depth at your roots. 

Includes full head of balayage/foiliyage, toning, hair mask treatment, haircut, and style out. 

Service will take 4.5-5 hours depending on hair density.

Abstrakt Blonde

This service is for those looking to start your journey of going blonde or are currently light and want to add brightness throughout the top and ends of your hair.

Includes sombre (full highlight + lightening ends of hair left out of foils), toning, Olaplex, haircut, and style out.

Service will take 5.5-6 hours depending on hair density.

TSS - Feb 2021 - 6.jpg
Abstrakt Vivid Makeover

This is the service to book if you have no previous blonding and desire a fun fashion color all over.

Includes Blank Canvas (full lightening), Olaplex, vivid color, hair mask treatment, haircut, and style out.

Service will take 6+ hours based on hair density and how long we will need to let your hair process to achieve desired colors.

TSS - April 2021 - 16.jpg
Abstrakt Color Transformation /
Corrective Color
Hourly Service**

This service is for those desiring a dramatic transformation and/or have used box color. 

Includes any color services, treatments, or haircuts needed during this time slot.

Service is priced at $370 for the first 4 hours and every additional 30 mins is $55. 

**May only be booked after an in person consultation.

Blonding Services

What should I book, there's so many blonding options?!


For clients with light brown hair or lighter, those with darker hair or that want cool results should book a foiliyage. Results will always be warm and sunkissed with balayage. Great for those that want a low maintenance look that is rooty and leaves behind a lot of depth.


This is great for those that want the balayage "look" with less warmth. Using foils, this allows for those with darker hair to achieve bright and cool results. Great for those that want a low maintenance look that is rooty and leaves behind a lot of depth.


This service is to provide moderate blonding with moderate dimension. This service is recommended for those maintaining their blonde every 6-8 weeks. 


For the most natural blonde with minimal depth left behind. This service involves detailed micro-foiling to achieve a more solid blonde. If you have no previous blonding, it is recommended to start with the sombre service.


For those that want overall brightening through the top as well as your ends, this will give the most transformative results. It is a combination of a full highlight with the ends of the hair left out of foils being lightened creating the signature blonde many desire.

TSS - March 2021 - 26.jpg

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