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Transform your look, turn heads, and regain confidence with the hair you've always wanted. Hair extensions are my specialty and I proudly offer extensions in a variety of textures & colors to give you the most natural look.  If you're looking to add more length, improve the thickness of your hair, add color or get that WOW factor - I have a hair extension solution for you. 


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hand-tied extensions


Beaded Sew-ins

Hand tied extensions are a type of hair extension that is becoming increasingly popular. These extensions are made from thin wefts of hair that are hand-tied together using two strings. This makes them much thinner and lighter than traditional extensions, which can be a huge advantage for people with fine or thin hair. The process involves first placing a row of small microbeads is created across the head. The wefts are then sewn onto this row, using thread to secure them in place. The final result is a natural-looking and long-lasting hairstyle that can add length and/or volume. 



Invisible Bead Extensions

This method was created to solve 3 major problems with the many different types of hand-tied methods out there. It prevents damage to your scalp due to over-direction, tension, and improper installation. Their method focuses on flexibility and equal weight distribution so it eliminates discomfort from tight beading. It has the most styling versatility. Known as the "Original Flip Up", IBE® was the first extension method to show a bead-less flip up. No exposed bead, bonds, tapes, or braids when you are wearing your hair up! No other extension method has such a strong emphasis on proper tension and placement to ensure that you can achieve your hair dreams damage-free with comfortability.


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invisible bead ext

The cost varies dependent on your existing density, what your hair needs, and desired results.

  • Adding only fullness will start at $650+

  • Adding fullness & length will start at $1700+

*Starting prices include both the hair and install.

*Hair is recommended to be replaced around the 8-10 month mark depending on at-home maintenance.

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