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Image by Daniel Boberg

Now that you have the hair you dreamed of, let's make sure it lasts as long as it looks! 










Brush 3x a day making sure to cover the top of the weft with your hand for protection to avoid "looping". This will ensure your hand-tied extensions lasts its intended lifespan. CLICK HERE for a tutorial.

Prior to washing your hair, properly brush out any tangles. Wash and rinse under each row thoroughly so no residue is left behind. Make sure to use a hydrating mask once a week to prolong the life of your extensions. HAIR WASH TUTORIAL.

Use a serum or cream prior to blowdrying to help detangle, add shine and heat protection, and nourish ends. ALWAYS dry the top of your wefts to prolong their life span. When you air dry your hair, the top of the wefts take forever to dry and this is damaging to the top of those wefts as well as your own hair! Lower heat when styling extensions.

Image by Sumner Mahaffey

extension care



  • Coat your hair with a mixture of water&conditioner before getting into the pool, lake, or beach and immediately rinse your hair afterwards.

  • Please braid your hair before submerging your hair in water. One of my clients had a fun pool day diving and we had to replace the extensions after only one move-up.


  • Avoid using volumizing products on your extensions

  • Sunscreen with the ingredient avobenzone and octocrylene must be avoided. These ingredients absorb UVA rays and when you go in the water it causes a chemical reaction which turns your extensions pink/orange. This also includes skincare and makeup with spf.

  • Hair extension safe sunscreens are normally mineral & reef safe! Be sure to double check the ingredients.

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